Individuals and organizations large and small are rapidly migrating to a true blended learning experience merging instruction and on-the-job experience. Our apprenticeship models are built in collaboration with employers, educators, and other workforce and training experts. Employers and businesses can use these frameworks to fast-track the development of their registered apprenticeships.


The energy sector is dynamic, employing millions of Americans in traditional, renewable, and low carbon emission generation technologies. As the country continues to grow and modernize its energy infrastructure, companies in the energy sector are facing looming shortages of skilled workers. To bridge this gap, energy employers will continue to depend on apprenticeship programs to recruit, train, and retain a productive and dedicated workforce. 

High-Demand Opportunities


From home health aides and certified nursing assistants to medical coders and medical technicians, Registered Apprenticeship programs are helping to educate and up-skill thousands of workers in America’s healthcare industry.

High-Demand Opportunities



With the mandate of electronic health records, patient information provides clinicians with data needed to successfully navigate the changes. As evolving regulations and technologies expand, HIT professionals are at the forefront of this change. WE offder resources to help  attract, educate, and increase the pool of qualified individuals entering the profession of health information management

High-Demand Opportunities


  • Informatics Nurse Specialists
  • Healthcare Data Analytics
  • Health Information Coding Specialist
Improve Workforce Effectiveness & Productivity

Workforce Impact Network (WIN) is designed to help develop people for highly skilled technical trades such as IT, Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), and Energy. Our partners provide jobs by training apprentices for skilled trades and, in return, gain the skilled workforce needed to operate their business.