The Medical Village

2021 Medical Village

The 2021 Medical Village aims to showcase the various career pathways and functions within the medical system. Our goal is to educate and inspire career seekers, employers, and stakeholders to see the value in Registered Apprenticeship Programs and career pathways within the healthcare industry.

Featured event topics include:

  • An Overview Registered Apprenticeship Programs Today
  • High School and STEM Forum: Thinking Outside the Box
  • Youth Registered Apprenticeship Programs: Navigating during COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Apprenticeships and the Workforce

Through our discussions we seek to:

  • To gain a new perspective and deeper insights into the paradigm shifts occurring in the Mid-Atlantic and nationally, regarding student success.
  • To gain insights into challenges encountered with registering and expanding registered apprenticeship programs.
  • To share innovations that are employed to enhance outcomes in the last year during the pandemic.

Workforce and Industry professionals from around the country will be available to meet with students and anyone interested in healthcare careers to discuss opportunities in this growing field and beyond.

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